GamesRadar vs. Shirley Phelps-Roper

GR: I do. I was just wondering if you and your guild ever went online. Spread your message through anything like Second Life or World of Warcraft.

SPR: Well you know that we are online, right? We have the godhates****.com and

GR: I don’t think you have a lot of gamers heading to godhates****.com, but if you popped into a game with a virtual organization, you could speak to more people dynamically. The real-life protests you do are dangerous. I saw a documentary where a child in your group was hit with something.

SPR: You mean the cup?

GR: Someone threw a fountain drink at his head. Don’t you think an online scenario would be a little safer?

SPR: [Laughs] You’re cracking me up.

GR: Well what about music games?

SPR: I don’t know what you mean by that, but I do know we have music videos.

GR: No, I mean there are music games you can interact with-

SPR: Yeah, but we’ve got music videos. “God Hates the World”- awesome stuff! And we’ve also got other stuff at

GR: Okay. What are some of your music videos?

SPR: "God Hates the World." It’s awesome!

GR: Have you heard of Rock Band?

SPR: I do know that Rock Band. I know some of these kids play Rock Band. Whatever the mechanism is to get the words to the faith of a generation, that’s what we’re interested in doing.

GR: Do you think your songs would make a good transition to Rock Band as downloadable content.

SPR: Yeah, that’ll happen. The people that are running Rock Band will be interested in hearing “God Hates the World” or all those [anti-] military songs if you go to our site you can hear those.

GR: We’ll try and provide a link to those. [Ed. Note: We failed.] What are the choice cuts for Rock Band?

SPR: Of course “God Hates the World” is an excellent video. The there’s also “There Are No Heroes.” They’re parodies. “God Hates the World” is to “We Are the World.”

GR: Ah.

SPR: “There Are No Heroes” is a parody of the songs that are on the Shrek thing. Some are just the audio. They’re really cute little videos. Our latest sign movie that you will really, really love is “*** Soldier in Hell.”

GR: …

SPR: And the one that went up just before that one is “You Will Eat Your Children”.

GR: “You Will Eat Your Children”?

SPR: They’re good stuff! And the graphics, the guys [making them] are getting better all the time. There’s a bunch of little picket signs. With music and images and so forth. There’s some really powerful ones like “God Blew Up the Troops” that just explains what the picket signs are all about. Our signature sign was done by our pastor, the God Hates **** sign. It’s all good stuff.