Incredible! It's the GamesRadar UK Podcast Question Box

So this is the GamesRadar UK Podcast Question Box. As of right now it's officially a bi-weekly regular. Every other Friday we'll invite you to come inside the GRUK Question Box and leave a deposit. By which we mean leave a question or a comment or an observation or a terrifying intention to love/harm any or all members of the GRUK team. Anything you want really. We will then feature as many of these valued contributions as possible on the following week's GamesRadar UK Podcast. Here's a picture of the GRUK Podcast Question Box™:

Fertile topics of discussion this week could be the just announced Nintendo 3DS XL or the news we'll be able to PLAY OKAMI in HD or maybe you'd like to debate the merits of the Lingerie Football League. Or something else that is none of these things. Whatever. It's your call. So go crazy and stick a question in our Question Box (ie leave a comment below).

And once you've done that, why not stimulate your ears with the trademark sexy game chat/nonsense of the GRUK Podcast by fingering through our back catalogue. It's completely free and you are under no obligation to actually enjoy the thing.