Before Dragon Age: The Veilguard, one fan is archiving 15 years of BioWare's additional RPG series storytelling to prevent it being lost

Dragon Age: The Veilguard screenshot showing Solas, a pale bald Elven mage, wielding lightning-like powers while grimacing
(Image credit: BioWare)

With Dragon Age: The Veilguard set to launch later this year, one dedicated BioWare fan is making a complete compilation of all accompanying media relating to the RPG series.

Meet the appropriately-named 'The Archivist.' They're on Twitter attempting to draw attention to all the Dragon Age supplementary material that BioWare has published over the years for its RPG series. For those not keeping track, that's everything between Dragon Age: Origins in 2009, and Dragon Age: The Veilguard in 2024.

The brilliant compilation, all collected in one handy Google Doc, is full of comic books and graphic novels, short stories, trailers, codex entries, game guides, tabletop RPG rule books, and even cookbooks, all of which have been published over the last 15 years for BioWare's series.

There's material that covers the events relating to before the Fifth Blight - the events preceding the entire Dragon Age series - as well as during and after the Fifth Blight, which are some of the events that the player experiences themselves in the RPG series.

The Archivist has even chronicled all the supplementary material that BioWare has put out for the upcoming Dragon Age: The Veilguard, including a series of comic books that act as a prequel to the main game, and short stories that are intertwined with the events of the RPG.

This is nothing short of brilliant dedication from the individual collecting all this material, and a reminder of just how sadly frustrating preservation can be at times. Game preservation itself is one storied topic in the games industry over the last few years, but who's keeping track of all the wider stuff like comic books and short stories published for games?

Dragon Age: The Veilguard features a refreshing range of difficulty options for RPG "players of all abilities" - and no, none of them "are a cheat."

Hirun Cryer

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