Manor Lords creator wants to return to the "dev cave" to push the city builder forward and "finally add some new features"

A screenshot of some sheep in a field in Manor Lords.
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It sounds like the hit city builder Manor Lords could be getting some new features in the future, as its lead developer hopes to retreat into his "dev cave" to "push the game forward."

There's no doubt that Manor Lords has been one of the greatest Early Access hits of the year, having sold two million copies as of last month. As a game that's yet to release, updates have been gradually rolling out on Steam, with the latest one bringing with it a whole host of bug and crash fixes, but it was at the end of these new patch notes that creator and lead sort-of-solo developer Greg Styczeń hinted at there being more to come.

"For the first month after release I tried to be careful not to make any risky changes, my goal was to stabilize the main branch (get rid of the most common, annoying issues)," he begins. "I'll keep reading the feedback to see if that build is stable enough to last us a bit longer, it'd be a nice time to go into the 'dev cave' and do some more fun experiments and changes to push the game forward and finally add some new features."

As for what features he has in mind, Styczeń didn't say, but there's no doubt that the community will show enthusiasm over pretty much anything new. Earlier this month, the developer put out a poll asking players whether they'd most like to see the addition of butchers, town walls, or just more bug fixes next, and there were plenty of fans for every single option. With that said, Styczeń later had to clarify that he meant regular walls rather than siege walls, noting: "I just wanted to add a proper wooden town wall tool because you guys kept using the castle planner to wall your towns which causes a glitch." 

Last month, a patch rolled out for Manor Lords which stopped sheep from "breeding exponentially" and taking over villages

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