Games are killing comics

Videogames are strangling the comics market, reckons long-time 2000AD artist Ian Gibson, as Judge Dredd's natural audience begins to overlook the ruthless enforcer's colorful antics in favor of the stronger appeal of PlayStation.

"The comics market, sadly, is dying," Gibson told the BBC News website, reasoning that "the PlayStation has taken over and comics can't compete." "Most comics I have come across haven't realized that they have lost the battle," explains Gibson, although he believes that comics do have an advantage over gaming, because "the PlayStation will never tell stories." We'll just assume he's never heard of such plot-strong videogames as Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and Half-Life 2.

Meanwhile, Marvel has revealed a stellar line-up of artists and authors for the upcoming Halo graphic novels. Promising more than just a single book from its deal with Halo developer Bungie, Marvel has enlisted big names (if you read comics) like Simon Bisley and French artist Moebius. Perhaps the way forward for comics is to embrace such crossovers?

February 27, 2007