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Read Game of Thrones' heart-piercing script for Season 5's most pivotal moment

Just a day past the Ides of March, HBO has shared the script behind its own infamous mass-stabbing incident. Game of Thrones' fifth season concluded with the shocking murder of Jon Snow, and while it's looking less and less likely that he will stay dead, it's still quite the powerful scene. And now here they are, the three pages that set off gasps of "no f$ing way" in living rooms across the world, via Entertainment Weekly:

Not much easier to read than it is to watch, it turns out. At least we've uncovered plenty more reasons to believe Jon Snow will return since the original airing. Unfortunately, we'll still have to wait for the Game of Thrones Season 6 premiere on April 24, 2016 to find out one way or the other - or perhaps even longer. They do love to make you wait…

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Images: HBO

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