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Game music of the day: Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim

Game: Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim

Song: Release of the Far West Ocean

Composer: Falcom Sound Team jdk

Above: Release of the Far West Ocean from Ys VI


Ahem. So yeah, Ys has had consistently rockin' music ever since its late '80s debut. It's a tad excessive and hopelessly cheesy, but hot damn is it ever exciting. This song plays over the game's opening movie, and even though the game itself is a sluggish, hack and slash grind through repetitive enemies and bland environments, its speedy thrashing always got my heart racing. Add a little flute interlude and a soaringfinal guitar riffand boom, you've got one of therockingest introsof all time.

Above: The actual intro, song included. GET READY YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAHH

Above: Ruins of Amnesia is much slower, but fits its dank cave setting quite well

Above: And then Quatera Woods helps send you on your adventure with a rousing fantasy tune

The Ys series isn't for everyone, but if you can stomach a lot of mindless slashing and power-leveling, each one is a remarkably fun escape from the glut of way-too-serious FPSes and M-rated RPGs. Ys VI isn't a great introduction though - horrid load times murder the PSP version, and even the PS2 version isn't the best way to get your feet wet. I'd suggest PSP's superior Ys Seven, or forgiving that, the recent Oath in Felghana. Solid tunes in every single one of 'em!

Place of Reticent Lava by jdk band

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Praying Hands by Funauchi

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