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Game company names that could mean something else: Reader entries

But one thing I love about you lot is that however silly we tend to be, you can usually go one better. So when I asked for your suggestions for more, I got a torrent of abstract comedy gold. So I've made some of them into entries for another feature. Which you have now already been reading for nearly two paragraphs. So go on, read the rest.


Suggested by Bluscorp

In real life: Publisher and dev of Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell

But could also be: A fabric softener

Bizarre Creations

Suggested by Joshin69

In real life: Creator of Geometry Wars and Project Gotham Racing

But could also be: A gene-splicing labrun bymad scientists (and as Bluscorp pointed out, this applies to Bullfrog too, hence the pic)

Tiburon Entertainment

Suggested by russman

In real life: A Florida studio, now owned by EA and responsible for Madden

But could also be: A party organiser for Spanish sharks

Media Molecule

Suggested by KnightDehumidifier

In real life: The developer of LittleBigPlanet

But could also be: The developer of sub-atomic news and entertainment delivery


Suggested by NoobBuster

In real life: Creators of the Tony Hawk's series

But could also be: A Viagra manufacturer

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