G-Force - hands-on

What fun would even the most powerful arsenal be without some wild enemies to use it on? Disney has you covered there as well, since the game will include even more appliances-gone-wrong than the movie. Irons will transform into missile-toting death machines, packs of roaming toasters will threaten your every move, and a paper shredder will become a boss-sized menace requiring strategy to survive.

Above: Screen from the Wii version

Of course, Disney is looking for a hook to draw in mainstream theater-goers as well, and star power may be just the ticket they're looking for. While they aren't yet giving many specifics on who will actually be in the game, the movie's mix of voice and live action actors includes Nick Cage, Steve Buscemi, Will Arnett, Sam Rockwell, Pen%26eacute;lope Cruz, and Tracy Morgan. Even just a handful of names from that list could be enough to draw in some Hollywood-enthusiast gamers.

Above: Screen from the Wii version

While G-Force has the familiarity of a game based on a star-studded movie license, it should provide some unique experiences between the wacky weapons, gadgets, and enemies. Though we didn't have the chance to play it ourselves, we were shown levels bristling with interesting level design and exciting combat. We're always wary to get our hopes up over games based on movies %26ndash; especially kiddie flicks %26ndash; but even if G-Force isn't trying to blow hardcore gamers away, it has the potential to help pass the time between bouts of more grown-up gaming.

Apr 2, 2009