Fuzion Frenzy 2 - multiplayer hands-on

What we fear, however, is that the minigames won’t sell 360 owners on Frenzy 2 either. As diverse as they appear on the surface, our hands-on time grew awfully repetitive awfully fast. In Debris Field Derby, four of us free fell through space, dodging the asteroids that blazed towards us while trying to shove each other into those same rocketing projectiles. Then, in Coin Drop, we dived down a vertical neon-lit tunnel, hurtling our bodies towards the floating coins that littered our descent.

But although that may sound extremely exciting, in truth, both activities consisted of nothing more than gently movingthe controller'sleft analog stick. This, despite the sparkly onscreen fireworks and breathless commentary by lord-of-ceremonies DJ, who's constantly screaming "I’ve never seen a battle this crazy!"

Other minigames are equallysimple in their current forms. At least three are built around the concept of pressing the X, B, Y or A buttons when a prompt appears on screen, while several others involve fighting and blocking, but can be won merely by pressing the "punch"button over and over. Yeah, there's a lot of button mashing.