Futurama John Di Maggio interview

Good news everybody! We know you love Futurama as much as we do (which is a very much indeed, oh yessiree) so here’s a little taster of the new Futurama DVD movie that’s coming out on Monday. Enjoy!

Extras on the DVD (rrp £15.99) include:
• Audio Commentary
• Futurama Returns! A live comic book reading by the Futurama cast
• "Everybody Loves Hypnotoad" - a full-length episode of the future's most popular TV program!
• Deleted Storyboard Scenes
• A Terrifying Message from Al Gore - animated promo for An Inconvinient Truth featuring Bender and Al Gore
• Bite My Shiny Metal X - A mind shattering Futurama math lecture!
• 3D Models/3D Turnarounds
• Original 5-minute Comic-Con Promo
• Futurama: The Beast With A Billion Backs
• Two Still Galleries
• Easter Egg