Fury - updated impressions

We recently got our hands on more details about the upcoming 100% PvP MMO, Fury. Set in a fantasy world where a mysterious force has shattered the land, Fury allows you to create a character that has lived as a hero in a thousand past lives.

Your character has one name and gender, but can have many builds known as Incarnations, which each have a unique look and set of skills. “You’ve got 255 save slots that you can get up to, and you can swap [abilities] in and out whenever you want,” says Tony Hilliam, CEO of developer, Auran. You start with just a couple Incarnations. You can buy more, increasing your flexibility, or you can save your gold to buy items, instead focusing on specialization. This theme of choosing between versatility and specialty carries over into the skills system, where you can spend Essence (experience) to go up a couple of pathways, or spread out and gain lesser abilities from more disciplines.