Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers - the creator speaks

GR: Did you consider taking a more hands-on, first person approach?

WS: No.It was never our intent to make a shooter when we decided to make FSW. Shooting is not what the game is about.

GR: What do you think of games with similar controls, like Brothers in Arms?

WS: I really believe that our interface is much better suited to controlling squads of units. I hope many more games adopt our system, or one very similar, only because I have had a very hard time controlling my squads in most other "traditional" squad-based games up to this point - especially shooters and I'm a big FPS player.

GR:How does 10 Hammers' difficulty compare to the previous Full Spectrum Warrior's difficulty?

WS: The game is about the same on the easier setting. On the hardest setting, I would say the game is actually a bit more difficult mostly due to the new enemy AI system we've implemented. The enemies are much more aggressive now and reactionary now, increasing the overall pacing of the game substantially.

GR: Will 10 Hammers be backwards compatible with the Xbox 360 on release? In the future perhaps?

WS: I know of no plans for backwards compatibility right now, but you never know. That decision is not really made by a game's developer.

Eric Bratcher
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