Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers - the creator speaks

Let's be clear about two things: one, Full Spectrum Warrior was a great game. Two, the imminent sequel, Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers is smarter, and it's going to pound you into the firmament if you don't know your stuff.

But we're here to help. We've got the game's own training videos exclusively in our Xbox video section (clickhere ), and we've also recruited Creative Director Wil Stahl to give us a quick debriefing. Read on, or be blown away before your boots hit the ground.

GamesRadar: Could you explain a little about how the new tank and sniper units work? How much control does the player have over where they go and what they do?

Wil Stahl: Both the Bradley tank and the sniper team are controlled the same as a standard squad; you tell them where to go and what to shoot at using an in-game cursor system. Think of the Bradley as one, big, heavily armored soldier with a giant gun. It can be used as an offensive weapon to bust through enemy lines and armor, or it can be used as mobile cover for your infantry. The sniper team enables the player to take out enemies that are dug in behind cover at long range. You utilize our new Precision Fire interface in order to aim for the sniper unit.

GR: What kind of tactical advantages and disadvantages result from splitting your squad up into "buddy teams?"

WS: The tactical advantage to buddy-teams is that you have more maneuverability. You basically go from two teams of four to four teams of two, which enables you to attack a position from twice as many directions. The disadvantage is that each team is a smaller unit - they have fewer eyes and fewer guns to detect and counter an enemy ambush.

GR: Since your squads can enter buildings now, will enemies take advantage of this as well? Does this impact a squad's ability to consider an area "clear?"

WS: Enemies will indeed seek elevated firing positions, especially in multiplayer games, because a higher vantage point enables you to shoot over most cover. Elevated shooters are the most difficult to deal with.