Full Auto 2: Battlelines - updated hands-on

The game's control encourages you to drive like a daredevil, with aggressive hand braking resulting in instant 180s. As it stands, you can aim your weapon with the right stick and click it in to fire, which makes car combat more precise than it's been. The developers, however, hinted that tweaks are on the agenda - including maybe implementing some of that nifty tilt stuff the PS3 controller can do.

Tilt or no, Full Auto 2 is not exactly something you've never seen before - it's just a refinement of formulas that have been kicking around for the last few years. The racing, well, the obstacles are the real change there. As far as non-racing multiplayer goes, the developers have worked up a deathmatch mode just for starters. The level we got to try was obviously designed for high jumps and fast skids, with plenty of room to maneuver the cars. The action quickly got pretty intense - and though we couldn't futz with the cars, you'll be able to pick the vehicle you want and customize its weapon and armor loadouts between matches.