Full Auto 2: Battlelines - updated hands-on

Better is the Base Assault mode, which is sort of like capture the flag... in reverse. A bomb appears in the level; you can see it on your mini-map. Whoever picks it up first has to race to reach the opposing team's base and ram in at full speed - blowing up and scoring a point in the process. Truth told, between the high-speed racing, learning the maps, and the fact that we generally shot the crap out of each other before anybody got the payload back to base, we figure this mode needs a bit of a tweak before it lives up to its potential. Fortunately, this will all be online - we were playing over the internet, in fact.

That more or less sums up Full Auto 2. It's a big ol' tweak to a game that didn't quite live up to its potential the first time. Heck, even the track we raced on was taken from the Xbox 360 version, though it was revamped to take advantage of the gameplay enhancements of the sequel. It's clear that the developers are just now figuring out what they wanted to make in the first place, and if they can get everything tweaked like mad over the course of the next couple of months... it'll be worth a look.