FS 360 Armrests MX review: "An essential accessory for Mavix gaming chairs"

FS 360 Armrests MX review
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The FS 360 Armrests MX are a must-have addition to any Mavix or X Chair that can accommodate them. If you're an existing user, or thinking of investing in some of the best models on the market, then this extra can greatly increase your user experience


  • +

    360-degree rotation

  • +

    Locking functionality works well

  • +

    Sliding arm pads


  • -

    Pricey when bought separately

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The FS 360 Armrests MX are without question an essential accessory for Mavix gaming chairs, or the company's line of X Chair ergonomic models. Taking everything that's great about 4D armrests as we've seen in premium efforts and dialling things up to their logical extremes, you'll struggle to go back to substandard seating after this inclusion is slotted into your compatible chair. Keep in mind, though, that you're paying a premium to do so, as the pair is priced at $164.99 at the time of writing.  

Design and Features 

The only criticism I levelled at the Mavix M9 earlier in the year was its price point and average armrests. My original take on how that chair came as stock is still valid given the $1,000+ expense, however, I cannot refute that the FS 360 Armrests MX are revolutionary in the furniture space. 

Upon first inspection, the FS 360 Armrests MX will look like any other high-end armrests that we see on boutique models, save for the chrome finish on the bottom. However, it's when you put these armrests into motion that everything becomes clear. The FS 360 Armrests MX feature the ability to be height adjusted as is common, but can also rotate a full 360 degrees as their namesake would suggest. 

Perhaps the most innovative addition, though, and something I haven't seen from any other armrests to date, is the ability to freely slide forwards and backward while easily pivoting on a swivel. If you compare the FS 360 Armrests MX to the stock options supplied by the company then the difference is night and day. 

FS 360 Armrests MX sliding

(Image credit: Future / Aleksha McLoughlin)


The FS 360 Armrests MX work exceedingly well in everything from casual gaming and lounging around after hours to accommodating more full-on working tasks when sat fully upright in my chair. It was previously common for me to almost ignore the original armrests entirely when powering through work, instead choosing to lean on my gaming desk and let my elbows rest on my body. Now, I've been able to adjust the FS 360 Armrests MX to far more comforting angles which have taken the strain off my day-to-day for sure. 

The ability to freely slide the FS 360 Armrests MX back and forth with minimal pressure has been incredibly useful, too. You would be forgiven for thinking that you would be accidentally moving these about when not desired, but that's genuinely not the case here. Due to the grippy nature of the coating on the top of these supports, you don't need to put much pressure to get them to be where you want, which is something I cannot say for many premium armrests attached to gaming chairs I've sat in over the past year. 

Being able to swivel the FS 360 Armrests MX to face behind the chair meant that my elbows and forearms also weren't left dangling off the sides as is usually common when reclining and laying out in a more casual manner. These are very much small quality of life improvements, yes, but they've made all the difference as to how I use this gaming chair going forward. 

FS 360 Armrests MX

(Image credit: Mavix / X Chairs)

Should you buy the FS 360 Armrests MX? 

If you're considering a new Mavix gaming chair then I would strongly recommend opting for the FS 360 Armrests MX at checkout instead of the stock models for the best user experience as this can be a little cheaper overall. The same can be said of existing Mavix or X Chair users, like me, though the asking price is high. Let's cut straight to the core of the argument, you're paying for what you get here with unrivaled functionality that no one else is doing - it's as easy as that. 

How we tested the FS 360 Armrests MX

I've had the FS 360 Armrests MX screwed into my Mavix M9 gaming chair for the past several months where this chair has been one of my main seats for working and gaming. During this time, I've used the armrests in all the positions possible for both casual and professional use. You can read more about how we make our recommendations in our full GamesRadar Hardware Policy

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