Friday The 13th TV series on the way

Just days after the news broke that Michael Bay is planning another reboot of Friday The 13th comes the revelation that a Jason Voorhees TV series is also on the way.

Deadline reports that a new series is currently in development to bring Jason to the small screen in weekly one-hour doses, with original director Sean S. Cunningham on board to executive produce.

Bill Basso and Jordu Schell are currently penning a script which will focus upon the various residents of Crystal Lake who are forced to confront the return of the hockey-masked killer.

The show will apparently span various different time periods, which would suggest that the history of the Voorhees clan will be explored in more depth.

The show is currently only at the scripting stage, and has yet to be picked up by a network, but given the character's seemingly indomitable appeal, don't be surprised to see it happen.

In the meantime, Jason's next big-screen outing will open in the US on 13 March 2015.

George Wales

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