Classic horror Friday The 13th is getting its own TV show

Jason lives! That’s right, everyone’s favourite hockey mask-wearing psychopath is back once again, with Deadline reporting that The CW is moving forward with a Friday The 13th TV series.

The new series will be developed by Steve Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle, who plan to reimagine the franchise as a kind of horror/crime thriller, “with a stronger feel of grounded reality”. The new show will follow a detective’s ongoing search for his missing brother in a case linked to Voorhees, who soon returns to Crystal Lake to wreak more bloodthirsty havoc.

CW President Mark Pedowitz made reference to being “a big believer in titles and franchises”, reasoning that, “it makes them break out of the pack in some ways.” With 12 movies already under its belt, Friday The 13th certainly fits the bill on that score, and with a big-screen reboot also in the works at Paramount, it seems that we’ll be seeing plenty more of Jason for some time to come…

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George Wales

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