Free Running for PS2

Thursday 30 November 2006
Upcoming extreme sports game Free Running brings the thrills of parkour to PS2 and PSP, and we've got a selection of new PS2 shots to show off the urban-dwelling action game.

UK developer Rebellion describes Free Running as like Tony Hawk but without the board, as the object of the game is to get your character free running around an urban environment in the most stylish way possible. Gamers must chain moves together and make the most of every gap, pole and ledge to stay ahead of the competition.

Above: It's the first time platforming in games hasn't been a means to an end

Free Running will be released for PS2 and PSP, with both versions offering two-player challenges such as straights races, trick contests and target-collect challenges

The sport of free running, or parkour, is continually rising in profile thanks to its use in the recent Casino Royale film, (there's even a bunch of kids who try it outside the GamesRadar offices), so it was inevitable that a game would use it as subject matter sooner or later.

Due out early next year Free Running was originally an Eidos published game, developed by Tomb Raider creator Core Design. Rebellion bought up the Derby based development studio and has continued working on the game.