Fossil Fighters Cheats

Fossil Fighters Hints

  • DS | Submitted by CheatPlanet

    Unlockable Characters

    Dynal, Duna and Raptin: After you get the time machine, defeat Dynal in his starship.
    Frigi: Defeat the 3 main BB bandits after you beat the game.
    Igno: Beat Saurhead after you finish the game.
    Squik and his other elements: Get all vivosaurs to rank 12.
    The 3 Guh Robots: Use the time machine and defeat the 3 bots another time.

  • DS | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlockable Masks

    Green Hero Mask: Buy from the Fossil Guild store.
    Purple Hero Mask: Unlock after defeating Chip (Kid in Fossil Stadium obsessed with Vivosaur man) while wearing the Green Hero Mask.
    Dinaurian Mask: Unlock after beating the main story.
    Oonga Oonga Mask: Find Oonga Oonga with the snow berries.
    BB-boy Mask/ Bb-girl Mask: Beat Frigisaurus with Ingosaurus
    Mole Mask: Find the Moles brother in Rivet Ravine.
    Stone Mask: Find the Moles brother in Rivet Ravine while wearing the Mole Mask: .
    Master Mask: Become a Master Fighter.
    Digadig Mask: Go to the Cheifton post-game, beat his hip shaker test.
    Cheifton Mask: Go to the Chiefton wearing the Digadig Mask, beat the hip shaker test.
    Master Shaker Mask: Go to the Chiefton wearing the Cheifton Mask, beat the hip shaker test.
    Golden Mask: Find in the pirate ship
    Samurai Mask: Beat the Samurai warrior as a master fighter.
    Completist Mask: Get All 100 vivosaurs.
    Dropping Mask: Bring Nick Nack 30 dropping fossils.
    Officer Mask: Catch blambeau 3 times first in the greenhorn plains, then in rivet ravine, then in mount lavaflow
    Diving Mask: Go to bottomsup bay for the first time
    Saur Mask: Get during gameplay by beating sauerhead to get inside the spaceship