Fortnite is teaming up with Houseparty to bring video chat to the game

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Fortnite players can now have a party experience with their friends like no other. The battle royale phenomenon will be collaborating with the Houseparty app to get integration that will bring video chat technology with friends into the fray. 

Houseparty will be available to players on the PS5, PS4, and PC. Players will need a mobile device with the Houseparty app installed to get started. Once that's ready to go, all you need to do to get started is connect your Houseparty app to your Epic Games account.

Once connected, Fortnite players can enjoy video chatting with their friends by following a few easy steps. All you have to do to kickstart your first video chat is fire up Houseparty on your mobile device, connect to Fortnite through the settings or TV icon, join up with your friends as you normally would on the app, then start up Fortnite on your PC or PlayStation and keep up the chat while you play. All in all, not much to do to get some face time with your friends while you play together. 

But of course, there's more to this little update than just getting some video chatting in. When you link your Epic Games account up with Houseparty, players will unlock the exclusive Rainbow Fog Wrap. Now, Epic is aware that Houseparty compatibility won't be available on all platforms, so there's a contingency plan here. Those playing on platforms without Houseparty connectivity can get their hands on the wrap by playing five matches of Fornite with friends between 11/20 and 11/26.

Only your Houseparty friends and the friends of those in your Houseparty room will be able to join, and you can easily block users, so no need to worry about strangers barging in. With Houseparty's capabilities, your Fortnite adventures are more sociable than ever.

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