Forspoken dev promise more improvements including HDR fix after mixed demo feedback

Forspoken preview
(Image credit: Square Enix)

The Forspoken PS5 demo has received a number of changes following player feedback. 

As revealed by the game's official Twitter account, Forspoken's developer Luminous Productions has taken player feedback onboard and made a range of improvements to the game's PS5 demo. The tweet reads: "We're listening to all your feedback and can confirm that the full game will have increased text size, button mapping and will fix the HDR issues that some players are experiencing."

It's clear to see, from the screenshots provided by the studio, that these little changes have gone a long way. The subtitles for Forspoken are much easier to read in the second set of photos and the in-game menus have also been tweaked slightly so that text is more visible when sitting further away from the TV, which is likely when playing on a console like the PS5. Luminous Productions is yet to demonstrate the HDR fixes - we wouldn't really be able to see them in a tweet anyway - so we'll just have to take its word on that one.

Not only will these fixes make the game more comfortable to play, but they'll also make the game slightly more accessible. Thankfully, the developer was quick to implement these fixes, considering the demo was only released around two weeks ago, and these changes are likely to carry on into the full game when it releases on January 24, 2023. 

Unfortunately, the news surrounding the Forspoken demo hasn't been completely positive. Shortly after it was released earlier this month, the Forspoken demo got a seriously mixed response. Some players felt it was the best demo they'd ever played, while others have said they're glad a demo was released as now they know not to purchase the full game. Don't let that put you off too much though as, despite releasing in just over a month's time, Square Enix has said the Forspoken demo's side quests and tutorials aren't reflective of the final game.

Still unsure about the upcoming RPG? Take a look at our Forspoken hands-on preview.  

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