Former Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw joins Assassin's Creed Odyssey studio Ubisoft Quebec

Image via LinkedIn

Image via LinkedIn

After more than a decade with Bioware, Dragon Age: Inquisition creative director Mike Laidlaw departed the studio late last year, after which he briefly worked as an industry consultant. Today, Laidlaw announced the next stage of his career: a spot at Ubisoft Quebec City, the main studio behind Assassin's Creed Odyssey

"I always knew I'd go back to triple-A at some point, once I found the right team and project," Laidlaw said on Twitter. "Spoiler: I did at Ubisoft Quebec and I'm so damn excited to finally talk about it!" 

Laidlaw became acquainted with Ubisoft during his interim work as a consultant, and evidently he fell in love with the people and work at Ubisoft Quebec. He is now working at the studio as creative director on an unannounced game. "I can't discuss exactly what I'm doing," he said on LinkedIn, "but I will say it's exciting enough to make me move halfway across the continent." 

Newer Bioware fans likely know Laidlaw from his work on Dragon Age: Inquisition, but he's also credited on several other games. He was the lead designer on Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, and he also worked on the writing teams of Bioware icons like Mass Effect and Jade Empire. 

This is pure speculation, but given Laidlaw's history with RPGs and the way Assassin's Creed Odyssey doubled down on RPG elements, I've a feeling he and Ubisoft Quebec are working on - you guessed it - some sort of RPG. In any case, we probably won't hear about this mystery project until 2019 at the absolute earliest.  

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