Force Unleashed producer admits PS3 version sucks, says he likes 360 better

LucasArts producer Cameron Suey has admitted in an interview that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is in fact inferior on the PS3 because of the way it was built. He also stated he likes "putting builds on the 360," saying "it's a lot faster" than the similar process to code a PS3 title. With the PS3, the Force clearly is not, right Yoda?

Suey went on to say, "There were times, especially on the original Force Unleashed, where on the PS3, we weren't quite up to speed."

Above: The Force Unleashed, perhaps one of the last lightsaber-centric Star Wars games that won't be diluted by the oncoming stampede of motion controls

However, the average review scores weren't that much different. The Xbox 360 version score a 73.88% while the PS3 was just barely below that at 72.50%. In other words, either the inferiorities in Force Unleashed were very minor or game reviewers are just too lazy to actually consider differences in multi-platform game releases. Hmmm. You be the judge of that one.

This is certainly not the first time we've heard of developers or publishers having frustration with the PS3. It's safe to say the majority of multi-platform PS3/360 titles are developed with the 360 as the lead platform.

LucasArts doesn't seem to have a lot of love for Sony. It also recentlycanceled the PSP versionof the upcoming Force Unleashed II, which is the studio's third PSP cancellation in the last couple years.

By the way, Suey wrapped up his comments by being sure to mention that today's and future multi-platform titles from LucasArts surely won't suffer from the same inadequacies. So don't worry about getting an imperfect experience on, say, Force Unleashed II. Well, at least, you won't realize until two years from now when some other producer says today's PS3 games were crap too.

Sep 09, 2010

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