Flipper Critters review

Animal Crossing: Tilted

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Complaining that Flipper Critters doesn't accurately represent true-to-life pinball physics is like bitching about combat realism in a zombie movie. But using the pinball mechanic as a way of traveling from board to board quickly loses its novelty. Having to painstakingly use a flipper and ball to activate travel back and forth, the same way other games have you do with, say, the push of a button, turns into an needless and infuriating corrosion of time.

And as far as the touch screen goes... we have a confession to make. Despite what you might believe, we here at GamesRadar are certified adults. So using our bulbous, yet dedicatedly callous, fingers instead of a stylus just didn't work for us. Both your hands have to constantly occupy the flippers, and your fingers are charged with accurately executing touch commands, leading to unintendedresults and a DS that looks like it's been manhandled by a snotty nosed infant.

And that's not mention the obstruction to the screen. Imagine trying to play Pick-up Stix on the glass of half a pinball table while still trying to finagle your flippers. Sure, it can be done, Tommy Walker, but it's best just to cradle the ball before you attempt to get touchy.

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DescriptionA mash-up of pinball and Animal crossing that'll have anyone over 10 wanting their quarters back.
US censor rating"Everyone"
UK censor rating""