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Flipper Critters review

Animal Crossing: Tilted


  • The quirky sense of humor
  • Tiger s minigames
  • A variety of boards


  • Fractured pinball
  • Wiping smudges of your DS screen
  • Somehow the title sounds filthy

But Flipper Critters' thrills are as stunted and disproportionate as theBilly Goat mayor'smidgeted character model. We've seen some fairly decent pinball representations in our time, butit'd be just as unfair to compare Flipper Critters thatstalwartarcade pastime as it would be to liken it to Monkey Ball just because your ball is played by a chimp.The roulette of play areas are less than a thirdthe size of an actual pinball table and leaves little to work with or do. Almost anything occurring on the top screen is not only irrelevant, but it distracts from the balls eventual descent back into the sliver of play space, often resulting in lost ball doom if you're not careful.

More Info

DescriptionA mash-up of pinball and Animal crossing that'll have anyone over 10 wanting their quarters back.
US censor ratingEveryone