Flip flip away

Flipper Critters(MOV, 22.5MB)

Tuesday 27 June 2006
The pinball game will be getting a colourful new twist this July with the release of Flipper Critters for DS from Hungarian developer Zen Studios. Check out the Critter's bizarre take on pinball on the movie link above.

Rather than taking place on a series of pinball tables the ball flipping action occurs on a series of fantastical landscapes that include quaint villages, huge castles and dramatic mountain faces. There's even one level set on the surface of the moon.

Progression through the game will unlock a series of minigames which can then be played in multiplayer using DS's WiFi connectivity. The minigames include ones called Duel, Gravity and Magic Bridge.

Another remarkable feature of Flipper Critters is that the 3D action is spread across both screens, which is a first for DS gaming.

Above: All the features of an average pinball table are there, but not as you've seen before