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Flight Simulator X Acceleration review

Hang on to your hat switches


  • Larger than most FSX add-ons
  • Full of thrills
  • Satisfyingly challenging


  • Not the best framerates
  • Helicopter physics not realistic
  • Not for the casual arm-chair pilot

Nov 9, 2007

Anyone remember towing ticking nukes around in the Lunar Lander-like TerraFire? Every pendulum-swing of the bomb tugged at your twirly spaceship with just the right amount of force. The effect was mesmerising, and just the sort of Newtonian naturalism I was hoping to find in Acceleration.

A good 23.7% of this eclectic, official Flight Simulator X add-on revolves around dangling things from a new helicopter - the Augusta EH101. The physics for lifting were always going to be hard to get right and, frankly, ACES haven't got them right. Well, not quite. Whether you're hoisting a soggy sailor or a mangled mountaineer, toting a Humvee or a Hustler (aircraft, not jazz mag), load movement seems to have little impact on handling.

More Info

DescriptionThe expansion pack to Flight Simulator X includes multiplayer air racing. Exciting!
US censor ratingEveryone 10+
Release date23 October 2007 (US), (UK)