Flawless review

Michael Caine and Demi Moore together again...

Diamonds aren’t forever in this sluggish heist caper from Michael Radford that partners Michael Caine and Demi Moore for the first time since 1984’s Blame It On Rio.

She’s a highflying exec in a ’60s diamond corp who is persuaded by his wily janitor into raiding its vaults.

Disappointingly, though, Flawless is more interested in analysing antiquated sexual politics and the murky ethics of the gem trade than delivering the thrills we might’ve expected from a film that sees its star return to the genre he made his own in Gambit and The Italian Job.

Still he seems more comfortable than Demi, saddled as she is with a geriatric makeover necessitated by a clumsy present-day intro.

By Neil Smith

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