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FlatOut PSP demo out next week

Empire Interactive knows about the lack of good demos available for PSP, but hopes the complaints will be silenced when a demo for FlatOut Head On arrives next Friday, February 22.

"PSP enthusiasts can often be heard talking on forums and blogs about the lack of good demos available for their beloved handheld," said product manager, Sean Walsh. "We wanted to help satisfy that need."

The demo, he goes on to reveal, will allow gamers a taste of the Carnage, Deathmatch Derby and (our favourite) Ragdoll Stunts modes, which is not too shabby for a demo. You should look forward to it because it looks pretty bloody good inthese screens.

Carnage mode challenges you turn points by causing damage to the massively destructive scenery within a time limit. Deathmatch Derby drops you in an arena to crash opponents in a last-man-standing-style crash-a-thon.

You also get to try out the High Jump event in the Ragdoll Stunts mode, in which you speed down a huge ramp and launch the driver through the windshield to get him as high as possible.

Courtesy of CVG.

Feb 13, 2008