Flashpoint Beyond connects to Dark Crisis through Hypertime

image from Flashpoint Beyond #2
image from Flashpoint Beyond #2 (Image credit: DC)

Flashpoint Beyond #2 delves deeper into the limited series' exploration of DC continuity (or what the comic has labeled DC's 'Divine Continuum') and the concept of the Omniverse, going so far as to connect Flashpoint Beyond to DC's impending 'Dark Crisis' crossover event in a set of new preview pages.

Flashpoint Beyond #2 cover (Image credit: DC)

In the pages, Thomas Wayne, the Batman of the Flashpoint reality, continues investigating who restored his timeline and why, butting up against Psycho-Pirate, a semi-obscure DC character who has had renewed prominence in recent years thanks to his memories of each time DC continuity has been changed or rewritten.

Psycho-Pirate pops up in the Arkham Asylum of the Flashpoint reality, leading Thomas Wayne to track him down in the belief that someone has imprisoned him in Arkham so Wayne will know where to find him.

Here are the pages:

In terms of what Psycho-Pirate's involvement in Flashpoint Beyond may wind up being, we'll have to wait and see. But as shown in the text, his presence in the Flashpoint timeline seems to be directly related to 'Dark Crisis,' which in turn relates back to plot points from the original Crisis on Infinite Earths.

In 'Dark Crisis,' the Justice League are presumed dead at the hands of a so-called Dark Army of supervillains working under the influence of the evil primordial essence known as the Great Darkness.

Flashpoint Beyond #2, which goes on sale June 7, is by writers Geoff Johns, Tim Sheridan, and Jeremy Adams, artists Xermanico and Mikel Janin, colorists Romulo Farjado, Jr. and Jordie Bellaire, and letterer Rob Leigh.

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