Five Xbox One Games Wed Like To See As Movies

Every year the gap between high quality movies and video games gets smaller.

With the release of the Xbox One, the quality of gaming graphics, storytelling and action/drama-packed awesomeness reaches a whole new level.

And while video game to movies haven't had the best track record in the past, we're fully behind turning any of these five corkers into big-screen blockbusters...

R yse: Son Of Rome

The Game: You play as Marius Titus, following him from childhood to leading the Roman army. It’s been described as “an epic tale of revenge spanning an entire lifetime.”

Perfect cinematic fodder then.

The Movie: Michael Fassbender stars as Titus, in this 300 -influenced five-hour epic, featuring approximately four hours and forty-five minutes of fight scenes. Directed by Zack Snyder.

Dead Rising 3

The Game: Another Xbox One exclusive, Dead Rising 3 pits gamers against a huge army of the undead. Previous instalments have allowed you to create combo weapons – mega-weapons made by combining objects – this one will let you create combo vehicles.

Oh, and it features a GREAT use of the Kinect – make a noise in your living room in the real world, and the zombies will come for you in the game world. Survival horror just got scarier.

The Movie: George Romero missed out on making a Resident Evil movie, let’s get him behind a camera for this one. His passion for practical effects should see SFX masters stapling chainsaws to baseball bats on-set.

Crimson Dragon

The Game: It’s not official, but fans see Crimson Dragon as a spiritual sequel to the much loved Panzer Dragoon. It has a lot of the same creative minds behind it, and, like that game, it sees you riding on the back of a dragon and blasting baddies into oblivion. Unlike Panzer Dragoon, it looks jaw-droppingly beautiful. No offence, Panzer.

The Movie: Avatar meets Game Of Thrones meets How To Train Your Dragon . James Cameron directs Kit Harrington in a film critics call his best movie since Aliens . Better, possibly, because Aliens doesn’t feature weird giant woodlice with polar bear faces.

Killer Instinct

The Game: Another Xbox One exclusive, 2013’s Killer Instinct retains the mad combo-based gameplay of the original arcade classic, whilst adding beautiful visuals and a new Instinct Mode – which uses a secondary bar to gift extra powers to your characters. Sounds like fun.

The Movie: We’ve got Street Fighter , Mortal Kombat and even Dead Or Alive movies, but no Killer Instinct – yet. Let’s hope the beauty of the Xbox One version inspires directors to make the best ever fight-game flick. Characters like Chief Thunder, Jago, Glacius Sabrewulf, and Black Orchid deserve it.

Watch Dogs

The Game: Watch Dogs sees players take control of a vigilante hacker in an open world environment. The plot – involving technological terrorism and one man’s mission to take-down a murderous media mogul – sounds compelling.

The Movie: Basically Blade Runner for a post-Wiki Leaks world, get Chris Nolan signed up, throw in a couple of references to Rupert Murdoch, and we could have an Oscar-winner on our hands.

Sam Ashurst is a London-based film maker, journalist, and podcast host. He's the director of Frankenstein's Creature, A Little More Flesh + A Little More Flesh 2, and co-hosts the Arrow Podcast. His words have appeared on HuffPost, MSN, The Independent, Yahoo, Cosmopolitan, and many more, as well as of course for us here at GamesRadar+.