First look at Trek prequel comic

Counting down the stardates until JJ Abrams' Star Trek is unleashed in May? Here's something that may help tide you over.

The ever excellent have the scoop on the first issue of Star Trek Countdown, the four-part comic book series by Mike Johnson and Tim Jones that acts as a direct prequel to the new movie.

And it sounds like a tantalising read, delivering glimpses of a venerable post-Next Generation Spock and his intriguing relationship with Nero, the film's Romulan Big Bad. We also learn of a star named Hobus that's perilously close to turning supernova, with dramatic implications for Spock's adopted world of Romulus, where he's serving as Federation Ambassador to the Empire.

For more juice - including spoilerific word on a cameo - simply strap on your tricorder and beam here