First video look at Xbox One's tiled, multitasking beta dashboard

Xbox One's dashboard has been revealed in action, courtesy of one beta tester who is apparently unafraid to show both the system and his face (literally) on YouTube. Check out the rehosted video below for a look at the system's interface as it launches Ryse: Son of Rome then squeezes it into a little video box for multitasking.

If you've ever used Windows 8, Xbox One's dashboard is bound to look very familiar. It features the same flat design, color scheme, pinned favorites, and live tiles. We're impressed it manages to keep running Ryse while the user browses around the interface some more--we'll dub that feature the "boring cinematic skipper" for now.

This video doesn't show Xbox One's vaunted "snapping" interface option, which shrinks down a primary app a bit to toss another one (like Skype) onto the side of the screen, unfortunately.

What do you think of Xbox One's dashboard now that you've seen in in all of its scrolling, selecting power?

Connor Sheridan

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