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First three Dragon Quest games get Wii release in Japan

The first three Dragon Quest games and their 16-bit remakes are heading to the Wii. Square-Enix announced that Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Commemoration: Famicom & Super Famicom Dragon Quest I•II•III would serve as part of Dragon Quests 25th anniversary. To sweeten the deal, Square will include as-yet -unannounced bonus items to accompany the compilation, which as it stands amounts to six ROMs on a DVD.

Because the 16-bit remakes of the games never made their way to the west, it seems unlikely that the compilation will come out over here. To translate the three titles would be quite the undertaking.

Given that Nintendo and Square seem to be intent on making Dragon Quest a major franchise in the west, as evidenced by the English port of DQVI for the DS, it's possible that we may see a similar compilation without the 16-bit games, or a Dragon Quest push on Virtual Console.


May 12, 2011

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