First Sunday review

Lifelong friends Durell (Ice Cube) and LeeJohn (Tracy Morgan) are two bumbling petty criminals with a heap of problems. Durell's estranged ex-girlfriend is planning to uproot his young son and move to Atlanta if she can't find enough money to open a hair salon, while LeeJohn has fallen afoul to a gang of Jamaican designer wheelchair thieves. Desperate, the two concoct a scheme to rob a local church. It does not go well... Written and directed by US urban romcom juggernaut David E Talbert, First Sunday is funky, vibrant and intermittently hilarious, similar in tone and delivery to 70s black action capers like Monkey Hustle and Uptown Saturday Night. Cube's maudlin, overly precious relationship with his son hits a few sour notes, but Morgan's rubbery, half-crazy Leejohn always drags the film back into its manic, cartoony groove.

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