First SimCity Wii details, screens

EA has lifted the lid on the latest game in the long-running SimCity franchise: SimCity Creator for Wii and DS, out here on September 22 (and Sept 19 in UK).

"SimCity Creator is an open-ended, highly creative game with a sense of humour that allows players to utilize the distinctive gameplay aspects of the Wii and Nintendo DS to create, enjoy and destroy epic cities," describes EA.

So, pretty much like previous SimCity games then, only in keeping with the mainstream appeal of Nintendo's latest hardware, EA promises this to be "the most accessible and light-hearted game from the SimCity franchise," designed for "families and players of all ages".

The Wii game will pack 13 cities with themes from US and Asian locales, with the option to take a helicopter or plane for a flight over your city creation before the series-iconic disasters destroy it all.

The DS game takes on a historical theme, allowing you to build a city in ancient times, and evolve it through the middle ages, modern times and up to the present day.

Here are screens for theWiiandDSversions.

Courtesy of CVG

May 29, 2008