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The first screens of history's 51 most iconic games

Heavy Rain

Should have stayed in bed.


Oh so lonely... But not for long.

Jet Set Radio

Paint the town any colour you like.

The Last of Us

Hmm, why haven't I seen her in any of the campaign screenshots?

Mass Effect

I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite way to start a trilogy.

Metal Gear Solid

Three seconds in, no badgering phonecalls. So far, so good.

Metroid Prime

Primed and rea... *SLAP*


Another dungeon. Not an auspicious start. Still, the next game is bound to start a bit better...


Admit it, you've already got the tune in your head, haven't you? Again.

Pokemon Red

There's always a bedroom, there's always a trainer, there's always a contemporary console.

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