First screens of F1 2012 even manage to make this year's Ferrari look beautiful

Codemasters has released the first images of F1 2012, complete with this year's cars racing on the brand new Circuit of the Americas track in Travis County near Austin, Texas. And boy, does it look beautiful! Even the much-maligned Ferrari looks sensational - just look at the detail on it. These are almost certainly PC screens with the anti-aliasing turned right up, but we're still totally smitten.

Above: There's even dirt on the left-front from cutting that corner back there

TV audiences seem to have adjusted to the odd-looking cars this year, which all seem to have strange protrusions where protrusions traditionally have not been... except for the McLarens of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. As you can see, the McLaren's silver bodywork looks flawless here:

Above: Hamilton here. Button's probably struggling with a lack of grip or something

And here's that Ferrari again, only now in the full screenshot. Looks good enough to kiss... then jump well back to avoid inhaling carbon fibre brake dust. You don't want to do that.

Above: Juuust in front of the Red Bull. That's how you can tell it's 2012 not 2011

The new track will be playable at E3, so we should have hands-on impressions for you next week. Until then, check out Maldonado's Williams and remember that this is Codemasters' third year on current-gen machines. With the few teething problems of 2010 now two laps down, this should be a very special racing game.

Above: Last year we were laughing at the DRS incident at Monza. Now? He's a GP winner

Justin Towell

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