First NiGHTS trailer spotted

After weeks of studying the trickle of screenshots to come from Sonic Team, we've finally got some gameplay footage of NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams to watch in the official trailer - and it looks promising indeed. Yes,despite the awful Disney-style voiceover. Check it outhere.

The footage shows that the camera angle has moved slightly in comparison to the original game, now offering a better view of items and hoops ahead of you. The flight looks on-rails as before, you still collect blue chips, perform paraloops to collect multiple items and fly though hoops. Also,as we predicted, the round boss can be thrown towards the bird at the end of the boss battle, although we do get a better look at it now - it's more like a razor-toothed demon with wings than a phoenix.

There's no screen furniture yet, or evidence of the brilliant scoring system, but it's obviously still some way from completion. We'll bring you more (and a hi-res version of the trailer) as soon as we can.

Above: So sparkly... Can't...look...away...

July 10, 2007

Justin Towell

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