First look - The Approach #1 brings a plane and a storm back from the past

The Approach #1
(Image credit: Boom! Studios)

Boom! Studios has released a first look at The Approach, a new survival horror series debuting in October from writers Jeremy Haun and Jason A. Hurley, artists Jesús Hervás and Lea Cabarello, and colorist Brett Weldele.

The Approach follows airport employees Mac and Abigail, who get snowed in from a blizzard. If that isn't dire enough, while they're trapped inside the airport they witness a plane crash, pull a survivor from the wreckage, and then come to an impossible realization: This plane went missing 27 years ago. 

While that may seem like good news, it's anything but. Although the plan reappears from out of time, as far as we know from the current teasers, there's only one survivor.

Plus, Boom! teases that the plane brings "a sinister storm that's much more than it seems" along with it, which may indicate that something darker lurks beneath the blizzard. After all, time travel has consequences, right? Fear of cold, death, and even flying will also surely be at play as Mac, Abigail, and the crash survivor figure out how to survive while they're trapped in the airport together.

Check out a first look at The Approach #1 below, including interior pages by Hervás, Cabarello, and Weldele, as well as covers by Francesco Francavilla, Björn Barends, and Megan Hutchison-Cates.

The Approach #1 will be available October 12, as part of the growing horror line at Boom! Studios.

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