First Look: DC's Poison Ivy reimagined in a gothic LGBTQIA+ romance graphic novel

Poison Ivy: Thorns
(Image credit: DC)

DC has released a first look at author Kody Keplinger and artist Sara Kipin's Poison Ivy: Thorns, the previously-announced original young adult graphic novel

(Image credit: DC)

Described as a "gothic LGBTQIA+ romance starring DC's iconic antihero," the graphic novel follows "closed-off teenager Pamela Isley as she navigates her thorny high school years," reads DC's description. "Pamela might be the school's most passionate caretaker of the campus greenhouse, but her deep love and devotion only apply to plants. She doesn't trust people easily—especially men, who always seem to want something from her—and prefers to hide behind her bright red hair." 

According to the publisher, that all changes when a cute goth girl named Alice Oh comes into Pamela's life. 

"Alice makes Pamela feel like pulling back the curtains and letting the sunshine in. But there are dark secrets deep within the Isley house. Secrets Pamela's father has warned must remain hidden. Secrets that could turn deadly and destroy the one person who ever cared about Pamela, or as her mom preferred to call her…Ivy." 

Poison Ivy: Thorns is both Keplinger and Kipin's first graphic novel and first work with DC. The book is available to preorder now and goes on sale on June 1. Here's a look at the just-released first look art:

"Poison Ivy has been my favorite comic book character since I was a little girl," says Keplinger. "Getting to write a story about her in one of my favorite genres (gothic romance), brought to life by the amazing art of Sara Kipin, is just a dream come true in so many ways. It's spooky, it's romantic, and it's full of drama. It was so much fun to write, and I hope readers will fall as in love with Pamela and Alice as I did."

"I'm very proud and excited to be part of Poison Ivy: Thorns!" adds Kipin. "Working on this book during 2020 was a very tough experience, but through my own struggles, I hope readers can see the time and love I poured into these pages. Kody did a fantastic job writing a fun, gothic romance story, and I can't wait for new and longstanding Poison Ivy fans to read it!"

Is the comic book Poison Ivy a hero? A villain? Harley Quinn's friend or romantic partner? It's about time for DC to figure it out. 

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