First Halo 2 screens for Vista

Tuesday 29 August 2006
Nearly two years after its arrival on Xbox (and still not scheduled for release until 2007), screenshots have been released of Halo 2's PC version - set to only be playable on Microsoft's new version of the Windows operating system, Vista.

Unfortunately, any console-snubbing Halo fans who've waited this long may well be convinced to shell out for an Xbox or 360 by the images, which don't exactly compete with the likes of Crysis and other upcoming PC shooters.

It's worth noting, however, that the filenames of these images list the shots as 'low resolution', so an all-graphics-settings-ticked version of the game might manage to not look worse than the Xbox original (it's not often that we cry out for bump-mapping, but these screens are one of those times).

As a further kick in the Mjolnir-armoured pants, Halo 2 for Vista will not be supporting Microsoft's Live Anywhere initiative - that is, allowing PC and Xbox 360 owners to play their versions of the game against each other. You'll have to look to the slightly dodgier Shadowrun for that.