First FIFA 09 review score revealed

This month’s issue of the UK's Official PlayStation Magazine has the exclusive review of FIFA 09, and the word on the terraces is that it's by far the best FIFA yet. The game gets a high-flying 9 out of 10 from OPM and much praised is heaped upon Be A Pro mode in particular.

"In terms of presentation, FIFA's always been streets ahead of archrival PES, and that's still the case here," OPM notes in its review. "Combine that with the emergence of the now-essential Be A Pro and the balance of power has definitely shifted."

Has FIFA really bested PES? Well, we'll add our own opinion to the annual FIFA vs PES debatejust as soon as we've had some proper hands-on time with both games.

If you want to know what else OPM has to say about FIFA 09 in its exhaustive, all-angles covered review, get down the shops and pick up a copy of OPM23. It's on sale in the UK now. Go get it.