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Fireball review

Basketball gets hardcore...

Ever wished basketball was a bloodsport?

In Fireball’s titular sport/fight mash-up, first basket wins and it doesn’t matter how many heads get smashed scoring it. It’s true, Thanakorn Pongsuwan’s kickboxing-flickwith- a-twist does sound like fun, an old-school JCVD-style brawl-fest.

Paper-thin revenge plot? Check. Loopy set-pieces? How about a team clutching spiked iron bars? But action purists hoping for the new Ong-Bak will be disappointed.

Lead Preeti Barameeanat is a local pop sensation, cast for presence rather than muay Thai technique. And the ball games are so over-edited and CGI-embellished, it’s like watching a hardcore version of Quidditch.

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