Final Fantasy XI Beginner's Guide, Day 4

Sarutabaruta region, Windurst

Don't let the soothing, easy-going music of Sarutabaruta fool you. The hills are alive ... with monsters. The starting areas around Windurst are a treasure trove of experience and useful items, ready for the taking.

Level 1

Outside any of the Windurst gates, you'll find mostly Bumblebees and Tiny Mandragoras. Skip the onion-headed Tinies for now and focus on the Bumblebees. These bees drop valuable Wind Crystals, so be sure to stock up.

Level 5

At level 5, you'll want to start exploring a little. Ditch the area around the gates and look for Carrion Crows and Crawlers. The crows drop Fire Crystals and feathers used by Clothcrafters. The Crawlers drop luxurious Silk Thread. If you see any Goblins or Yagudo, you can probably take them, but be sure to "Check" them first, just in case.

Level 8

Check your map at level 8, and head to Starfall Hillock in West Sarutabaruta. A variety of monsters roam here, all of which drop useful items. Giant Bees will provide the bread and butter of your experience, along with highly salable Wind Crystals and Beehive Chips. Crawlers and Mandragoras here drop a number of quest items here, along with Silk Thread and Saruta Cotton respectfully, both much sought-after by Windurst's Clothcrafting population.