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Final Fantasy designer's take on Batman is extra spiky

Batman has always looked intimidating. The Dark Knight has had some crazy costumes in the past (many of which will probably be showcased as Batman Arkham Knight pre-order options), but none of those can top the extreme version of the Batman costume created by Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts designer Tatsuya Nomura. It seems he took the "knight" part of "Dark Knight" quite literally. Behold!

The statue, named DC Comics Variant Play Arts -Kai- Batman, is one of an upcoming line of Batman figures revealed at this year's San Diego Comic Con. Everything about the statue is extreme. I mean, there is a red bat visor on his face, Batman's cape has extra pokey spikes protruding from the wing tips, and he's got an extra set of claws coming out of his back. If the old Batman look was able to strike fear in the hearts of evildoers everywhere, Nomura's design is sure to strike criminals' hearts with a case of cardiac arrest.

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