Final Fantasy 15 player discovers huge plots of unused land that could hint at DLC plans

Final Fantasy 15's world is pretty massive, full of large cities, vast fields, rolling hills, and long stretches of road. But thanks to one player, we know that there's even more waiting out there. YouTuber Fotm Hero has uploaded a video showing how, using a glitch to go out of the game's typical boundaries, he visited previously unseen areas.

The whole video is an hour long(!), so if you want to skip to where Fotm Hero discovers each new area, head to 12:33, 16:34, 24:32, 39:30, 50:56, and 56:05.

The areas are clearly unfinished and devoid of life or anything to do. So the only question is, does this mean they'll be filled out later with DLC, or are we looking at content that was cut from the final release? In any case, these locations are just as beautiful as the rest of the game - I particularly love the way the light of the sun dazzles through the trees around 19:30 - so I hope we'll see more of them in the future.

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Sam Prell

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