Final Fantasy 14 community stunned as 6,500-hour veteran just now discovers 11-year-old feature

Final Fantasy 14
(Image credit: Square Enix)

After nearly six and a half thousand hours in the game, a Final Fantasy 14 player has been left stunned after learning you can rent Chocobos.

Yesterday on October 4, the tweet below began to gain infamy among the Final Fantasy 14 community. The tweet comes from a user with what can only be described as a staggering amount of hours in the game, only just having discovered how to rent Chocobo Mounts for the very first time.

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The responses to the tweet above have the widespread Final Fantasy 14 community perplexed - some are wondering how this veteran couldn't have found the Chocobo feature earlier in the massive MMO, while others are now only just discovering the feature for themselves.

For some added context, this Chocobo Mount renting feature was first added to Final Fantasy 14 all the way back in patch 1.19 in 2011. This means that, yes, this is an absolutely ancient addition to the MMO, and the player in question has gone for nearly 6,500 hours without uncovering it.

However, this actually isn't the Chocobo Porter feature, as the Final Fantasy 14 player adds in a follow-up tweet (opens in new tab) for some added clarification. Instead, this is the feature where you can rent your very own Chocobo and guide it wherever you want, instead of being taken to a predetermined destination via the Chocobo Porter.

Admittedly, this alternate version would've been even more embarrassing if it was actually true. As it stands, this is more a mind-boggling omission from the player in question, instead. Here's hoping they haven't missed out on any other seemingly-integral features of Final Fantasy 14 in their 6,500 hours played. 

Tomorrow on October 7, Final Fantasy 14's mammoth 14-hour livestream will be broadcast around the world, including a Live Letter From the Producer segment for patch 6.25.

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